Noun Pronoun Agreement Worksheet for High School Students

As a high school student, it’s important to have a strong grasp of English grammar. One area that often requires practice and reinforcement is noun-pronoun agreement. To help you improve your understanding and execution of this concept, we’ve put together a noun pronoun agreement worksheet specifically for high school students.

What is Noun Pronoun Agreement?

Noun pronoun agreement refers to the concept that a pronoun (such as he, she, it, they, etc.) must agree in number and gender with the noun it’s replacing. For example, if you were referring to one girl, you would use the pronoun “she”, but if you were referring to multiple girls, you would use the pronoun “they”.

Noun Pronoun Agreement Worksheet

Directions: Read each sentence carefully and choose the correct pronoun to complete the sentence. Remember to consider the number and gender of the noun being replaced.

1. The dog wagged _______ tail as it approached the gate.

a. his

b. their

c. its

d. her

2. My sisters and I went to the movies, but _______ forgot to buy tickets.

a. she

b. they

c. I

d. he

3. The teacher handed out the tests and asked _______ to begin working.

a. him

b. us

c. they

d. her

4. The baseball team celebrated _______ win by dumping Gatorade on _______ coach.

a. their, his

b. its, our

c. his, our

d. his, their

5. _______ is a good student who always turns in _______ homework on time.

a. She, her

b. He, his

c. They, their

d. It, its


1. c. its

2. b. they

3. b. us

4. a. their, his

5. a. She, her

By taking the time to practice noun pronoun agreement, you can improve your writing and communication skills. Whether you’re working on an essay or presenting in front of your class, proper grammar is an important aspect to consider. Use this worksheet as a guide, and practice regularly to strengthen your understanding of noun pronoun agreement.